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US Stock Market at Record High

The Dow Jones Industrial Index went through the 19,000 barrier for the first time in history, which has been on a bull run since Donald Trump won the US election. The S&P500 has risen above 2,200 since the election.

The markets suggests a wave of optimism in the US as Donald Trump has indicated that he will spend over $1 Trillion on new infrastructure spending. The UK is also expected to pump $1 billion into UK infrastructure including modernisation of the Broadband speeds throughout the country.

The implications of all this spending is great news for UK contractors. The market is buoyant, particularly in the IT contract market. If you are due an extension, you should review your rates. We look forward to a great year ahead.

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Chinese Delivery Company ZTO Express Raises $1.4 Billion in US IPO

Chinese company ZTO Express raised $1.4 billion through its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange making it the largest IPO in 2016. The Chinese delivery service is a spin off from Ali Baba and delivers parcels to Chinese consumers using Ali Baba’s online platform.


Profits Slide at Samsung after Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Samsung reported a 30% fall in profits after it had to recall its Galaxy Note 7 which was found to burn after overheating. The scandal is expected to cost approximately £2 billion.