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Reducing Your Marginal Rate of Tax

Umbrella Vs Limited Company set-up

Treasury to clamp down on stamp duty avoidance

Growth in the market for contractors in the UK

Proposal to merge PAYE and National Insurance

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Proposal to merge PAYE and National Insurance

The Chancellors budget announcement for 2011 included a proposal to merge PAYE and National Insurance in the future. No further updates have been provided at this time. Belsize comment hat whilst this will simplify the tax system for UK contractors and employees, this could reduce the current tax benefit employed by contractors who structure their taxes to minimise their National insurance payments.


Interest rates set to remain at an all time low

Our financial advisory team at Belsize have indicated that interest rates are set to remain at 0.5 per cent to the end of the year. The growing recession and economic uncertainty in both Europe and the US make it unlikely that the Bank of England will raise rates over the coming months. It is hoped that the London Olympics will stimulate growth in the UK towards the latter part of 2012.


New Website Announced

Belsize Accountancy launched its Website in September 2011. Company Director, Costas Georgiou announced the release and has invited clients to provide their feedback for the Testimonials.